Partnerships with Hospitals or Physician Practices

Since 1987, Pacific Vascular has been providing diagnostic vascular ultrasound to hospitals and healthcare providers throughout Washington State. With 22 freestanding ambulatory locations, 10 hospital locations, and a reading panel of 18 interpreting physicians, our extensive experience and expertise in running a vascular ultrasound laboratory surpasses all others.

You can be confident that all of your vascular ultrasound services will be high quality and that your patient’s care will be a top priority. Pacific Vascular has 38 protocols that cover all areas of vascular testing. Pacific Vascular’s laboratories are IAC Accredited in all 5 areas of vascular study: Extracranial Cerebrovascular, Intracranial Cerebrovascular, Peripheral Arterial, Peripheral Venous and Visceral Vascular.  Our fully digital reporting system not only provides rapid turn-around of reports, but it also ensures standardization of exam protocols and interpretations.

A partnership with Pacific Vascular can provide you with a turnkey vascular ultrasound laboratory along with the necessary continuing training and education to your physicians and staff. Pacific Vascular’s high quality diagnostic ultrasound exams can positively affect the quality of outcomes.

Although patient care and high quality testing is a priority, we are also focused on profitability for our vascular labs and, in turn, for our partners. We are highly experienced in vascular laboratory reimbursement and accreditation, and we also provide financial and clinical report outcomes.

A partnership with Pacific Vascular offers the following key services:

  • Fixed and mobile diagnostic vascular ultrasound services
  • Registered Vascular Technologists
  • Professional interpretation services by credentialed physician reading panel
  • Latest state-of-the-art diagnostic ultrasound equipment
  • Clinical software for reporting and scheduling that can be integrated with EMR systems
  • 38 advanced vascular laboratory clinical protocols
  • IAC vascular laboratory accreditation services
  • Extensive Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance programs
  • Billing and Reimbursement services
  • Continuing education through its educational division PVICME
  • Stroke and vascular screening programs Marketing programs to increase the number of vascular lab patient referrals

Pacific Vascular’s key attributes:

  • Well-established business since 1987
  • Specializes only in vascular diagnostic ultrasound
  • Patient-centered
  • High quality vascular ultrasound exams
  • 24/7 service with our partnering hospitals
  • Digital internet-based reporting and image archive system
  • Rapid turnaround time for patient reports

For more information about partnering with Pacific Vascular, please contact Paul Olmsted at or by phone at 425-398-7769.

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